VisiVite launches New Dry Eye Supplement

VisiVite launches New Dry Eye Supplement

New Version of Patented Dry Eye Supplement Announcement
The world of pharmacologic therapy and nutritional supplementation is rife with examples of discovering after launch, that lower doses are just as efficacious and supportive as higher doses. In ocular therapeutics, examples of this include glaucoma eyedrops, in which a lower concentration is found to reduce eye pressure by the same amount and with fewer side effects. In nutritional supplementation, the national eye institute’s AREDS2 study showed that 25 mg of zinc per day was not significantly different in benefit to the initial formula’s 80 mg per day in supporting eye health.

In the years since VisiVite launched Dr. Krawitz’s United States patented Formula for the support of dry eye symptoms, Dry Eye Relief, Dr. Krawitz would often recommend that smaller people use only two rather than four soft gels per day, and that they experienced symptomatic relief from dry eye. He then began recommending the lower dosage, even for larger persons, and noted that there was similar positive benefits.

Omega-3 in triglyceride form continues to form the bedrock of this superior quality nutritional support formula, but what differentiates it from every other dry eye supplement on the market is the inclusion of a wide range of critical ingredients that support the complex chemistry of the human tear film for enhanced tear film stability and support of dry eye symptoms. It is these enhanced compounds in this unusual formula, which we believe permits benefit, despite moderate omega-3s.

Vitamin Science has therefore chosen to re-launch this update in a more readily tolerated dry eye supplement, Dry Relief quench formula, still 100% based on Dr. Krawitz’s groundbreaking, United States patent, and now requiring only one softgel twice daily. This best-in-class dry eye supplement is supplied in a bottle containing 60 soft gels for a one month supply, at a price of $34.95.

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