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VisiVite's Eye Vitamin Auto-Delivery Program Popular with Customers

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VisiVite¬Æ eye vitamins offers their¬†Sight for Life auto-delivery program, which saves customers time and money. There is no cost for this convenient service. "Most of our regular customers do this, because their lives are simply too busy to find the time to order eye vitamins that they know they need to take every day," says President and C.E.O., Dr. Paul Krawitz. There are other advantages to the Sight for Life auto-delivery program, such as Free Priority Mail shipping and Free Co-Defense multivitamins with every order. But the real benefits to customers are¬†convenience, reliability, and never again forgetting to order. Plus, there is never any penalty to cancel or delay a shipment, and they can even schedule your first auto-delivery for the day you're scheduled to run out of your vitamins. To set up auto-delivery for VisiVite's Sight For Life program, call their¬†Customer Service line at 1-800-427-7660, Extension 2, or download the convenient order sheet at¬†http://cdn.visivite.com/visivite-order-sheet-0514.pdf.*  

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