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Vodka Eyeballing: Dangerous New Way To Get Drunk

When I first heard about Vodka Eyeballing I could not believe what I was hearing! Vodka Eyeballing is one of the latest fads to hit College campuses, not only across America, but around the World. Eyeballing¬†involves¬†pouring a shot of Vodka right into your eye socket. Daredevil drinkers claim that this gets you drunk in record time, theorizing that it gets absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than just downing a shot the old fashioned way. ¬†I would be quick to point out that such a small amount of alcohol can actually enter your system through the eye, there is no way their¬†claims¬†can be justified. What is very real, though, is the fact that this fad does pose the threat of causing permanent blindness. ¬†Eyeballers take a huge risk of burning the epithelium, the delicate outermost layer of the cornea, which can lead to infection, inflammation, scarring and eventual blindness. ¬†Damaging your cornea is extremely painful, requires very close monitoring by a qualified Eye Care Professional, and not to mention what could possibly be months of medication in the form of eye drops to help heal the wound. Oh, and if you wear contact lenses, you can kiss them goodbye until the eye is healed. Youtube.com is full of videos of people doing this stupid stunt. ¬†Although, you cannot always believe everything you watch on the internet, I would imagine many of these videos are real. ¬†What ever happened to the days of college kids swallowing a live gold fish for kicks?* Mary Sweetman, C.O.A. Certified Ophthalmic Assistant  

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