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Why a "Positive Feedback Loop" Supports Good Health

If you have a headache and take an aspirin and the headache disappears, you'll likely do the same when the pain next strikes. If you make dinner for guests and they all rave about how delicious the food is, you'll earmark that same recipe for a future meal. And if you discover a faster driving route to a favorite destination, you'll likely go that way again.

These are all examples of Positive Feedback Loops, and like our beloved little pups, we are all very basic animals at our core, and will strive to do the same behaviors that are rewarded with "a little piece of cheese."

Positive Feedback Loops, or what B.F. Skinner called Operant Conditioning, are vital to your health. Because there is no greater motivator to continuing to take your blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetic medication - for conditions that you cannot feel on a daily basis - than a doctor who verbally rewards you with one of two magic phrases, "Good job," or "No changes."

The same positive feedback loop may not be as immediately apparent with eye vitamins, but it's vital to your eye health. Why? Because you won't notice a visual change when you take your AREDS 2 eye vitamins on a given morning, but over time - months and years - rigorous adherence to an AREDS 2 supplementation regimen has been shown in powerful scientific studies by the U.S. National Eye Institute, to show promise in supporting the slowed progression of macular degeneration.

Finally, don't settle with merely trying to keep up with all your vitamins and medications. Most important is to find doctors who communicate with you clearly and provide you with the good news that you need to stay on track.

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