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Botox injections may help treat rare eye condition

People who suffer from the rare eye condition filamentary keratitis may find relief with Botox injections. Filamentary keratitis causes dead cells on the surface of the eye to link together to form filaments. This causes patients to feel like they have something actually in their eye. The filaments adhere to the eyes' surface and blinking the eyes makes the condition worse by causing chronic inflammation and pain. It is most commonly associated with dry eye syndrome. A recent study of 33 filamentary keratitis patients evaluated using Botox injections to treat the condition. The shots were administered into the muscle in the eyelid. This was done over a two year period and after two years, 29 of the participants had a noted improvement in their condition. There were no significant side effects noted but several injections were needed before the patients had any results. Most of the participants required at least four injections before seeing a difference. Researchers believe that the Botox helps relieve symptoms by reducing the number of times the person blinks and it reduces the pressure of they eyelid on the eye's surface. Larger clinical trials will be necessary to confirm the results of this preliminary study.

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