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Eyedrops that prevent cataracts

With the hopes of making cataract surgery a thing of the past, researchers at Louisiana State University are working on a method of delivering lutein via nanoparticles in a convenient eyedrop. Nanoparticles enable the lutein to be more easily absorbed in the human eye. Researchers are looking for a dual purpose in the eye drops: to prevent the formation of cataracts and to also treat cataracts that have already formed. Currently the only method of treatment for cataracts is surgery, and while that is common in the United States, cataract surgery is less accessible in other parts in the world. Cataract eyedrops would offer a cost-effective, non-surgical treatment option. Animal testing is currently underway with the size of cataracts being reduced in rat test subjects in just one week of therapy. Further animal testing is needed and human clinical trials would then be scheduled years in the future.*

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