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Glare and Haloes - Information and Advice

Extensive scientific research validates that eye vitamins may help with glare and haloes through multiple biological actions within the eye. Some of the most researched eye nutrients for glare reduction include the following:

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Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Marigold-derived compounds that work as "internal sunglasses" to reduce glare -- replenishing macular pigment, blocking short-wavelength visible light, promoting lens clarity and accelerating glare recovery time.

Alpha Crocin: Found in the crocus flower-derived spice saffron, alpha crocin is a carotenoid that restores macular pigment and protects the eye's retinal photoreceptors from bright light and glare.

Black Currant: Supplying a range of antioxidants called anthocyanins, currant berries speed recovery from glare blindness and improve photoreceptor performance in shifting light conditions.

CG3: A plant-derived anthocyanin, CG3 promotes regeneration of rhodopsin, a compound found in the retina that absorbs and retains light -- which is a critically important role in glare recovery.

Bilberry: This anthocyanin-rich berry optimizes and protects retinal health and accelerates rhodopsin regeneration for faster recovery from glare and flash blindness.

DHA and EPA: Omega-3 fatty acids that modulate tear gland inflammation and promote healthy tear production -- supporting a clear, hydrated tear film surface that minimizes appearance of glare and haloes.

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